What can Just 2 Getaway Travel offer me?

We offer the best of the best in Luxury travel: intimate experiences, personalized services, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings that together promise a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress.  Our clientele consists of busy parents and professionals looking for an advisor to save them time and provide that extra special personalized attention for a romantic Getaway or family vacation.

Why does Just 2 Getaway Travel charge a service fee?

By charging a non-refundable service fee we are able to ensure that your best interest is at heart. We are able to better serve the client and make sure we use partners that best match our clients’ needs without partner commission rates effecting the level of service we can provide.

We are compensated in three ways the first being professional commissions from partners. Our Partners appreciate that we promote their products and pass the product along to our client. Professional commissions are a way for our partners to show appreciation to us.

The second is planning fees we have all heard the saying time as money. We put a great deal of time into creating a memorable travel experience for our clients. You have a financial advisor, tax adviser, attorney, nutritionist, stylist and perhaps even a personal trainer. So, who plans what you do with your most valuable commodity…your time & family? That should be us at Just 2 Getaway Travel.
The third is referrals. We hope that you love what we do enough to tell those you know and love. We truly appreciate our clients and thank them for the past the present and the million years to come

How much is the service fee?

The fee is based upon a few factors such as destination, type of travel, and amount of people traveling, etc. The service fee for us to curate your travel starts from $100. We will need you to fill out a planning form in order to determine what all is involved. If luxury travel were a masterpiece, we would be your curator.

To our active-duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans we offer a 15% discount on our service fee to show our appreciation. Please email acceptable proof of military service.

How many itineraries are included with my service fee?

Depending on your trip you will receive between one and three itineraries to review. Once we narrow it down to one, we can revise and make sure no detail is left unturned. If  you wish to change the travel location all together another service fee will be applied.

How can I cancel my trip?

We are sorry to hear that you may need to cancel your trip. Depending upon reasoning and proof provided we will try our best to retrieve back as much of your money as possible from the suppliers. We can’t guarantee that we will be successful in a refund for partial or full amount. This is based on supplier terms and conditions as well as penalty fees with suppliers. We strongly suggest travel insurance. We offer insurance through several preferred partners. The terms of cancelling your trip will fall under the insurance policy. Please note: Your service fee is non-refundable.